Bringing Individuality to Light

Using AI, deep learning and cognitive computing


Create a Safer, More Prosperous World

What We Do
VoyagerLabs™ has developed a pioneering AI-based technology that enables organizations to obtain actionable, granular insights from the vast ocean of unstructured data.  We harness our unique technology to empower organizations to excel at what they do.
Whether it be helping to keep communities safe, enabling more efficient processes at scale, or taking commerce personalization to the next level, VoyagerLabs utilizes cutting-edge deep learning and cognitive computing algorithms to make the world a better place.
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Our Solutions


The most comprehensive in-depth analysis platform, capable of conducting a deep dive of topics, groups and individuals to reveal far reaching, actionable insights in near real time.

This platform empowers organizations to defend and protect their communities. Add on VoyagerCheck™, our unique automated vetting system, to facilitate accurate, accelerated decision making at scale.

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The next generation personalization platform, complementing your understanding of each customer based on their onsite behavior with a wealth of offsite data from each customer’s virtual world.

This platform allows retailers to offer the right product at the right time on the right platform, increasing customer satisfaction and accelerating sales.

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