What it does

We close your “Recommendation Gap” by elevating personalization into successful precision recommendations

Without Voyager Labs, recommendations are myopic – based on site behavior alone. We derive highly valuable insights that are hidden in social data. This data is available to all but not understandable to all. These billions of fragments of content, behavior and relationships require “social crunching” – transforming unstructured into structured data – combined with cognitive deep learning analysis. We connect those individual insights with your customer’s site behavior and your product catalog, to create the most compelling customer experience, generate more sales and build a better business.

Your Products Will Find the Right Customer at the Right Time

Voyager eCommerce works for you to address various challenges:

  • Create precise CRM retargeting campaigns
  • Create compelling customer experiences on-site with precise product offerings
  • Real-time triggering of marketing messages via direct channels
Innovative Approach to Understand Your Customers' Needs

  • Multi-dimensional insights are used when offering a product – onsite and offsite signals
  • Leveraging brand new pertinent data – utilize vast amounts of offsite data to which you previously did not have access
  • Real time injection of new insights into your marketing channels – tap into real-time, relevant social data and be the first to know your shoppers’ needs and target them with the right offer