What It Does

Why are billions in non-performing loans still being written off?  Why are so many valuable prospects with “thin files” being rejected?  Because without predictive models drawn from the social world, you are forced to make decisions based on a limited and skewed view of the customer.

VoyagerLabs™ uses available data that is accessible to all but not understandable to all.  We uncover the person behind the application – and then go deeper with insight into character, credibility, stability and future prospects.  With all of this risk analysis turning into a simple score – which you can build into your models.

Increased revenue with reduced risk for approval and loan boundary recommendations
Fully automated assessment analysis
Insightful, actionable visibility into lifestyle behaviors and broad context….in real time
Scalability for single-person or batch queries
Current Loan Portfolio
Targeted Loan Portfolio
Approved Applicants
Declined Applicants
Non Performing Loans
Behavior Analysis

VoyagerFinance™ interacts with multiple sources of data from the social sphere, identifying and analyzing relevant data in order to present Fintech companies with information on an applicant’s character, credibility, and financial stability that helps users better assess the risk an applicant might pose.

Real Time Collection
Social Behavior
Real Time Analysis
Risk Assessment