About Us

Who We Are

Voyager Labs is a world leader in AI-driven advanced technologies for human behavior analysis. The company has developed a proprietary AI-based technology that harnesses billions of data points from unstructured data to reveal deep actionable insights.

Our unique technology searches, aggregates and fuses data points and human behavior indicators from multiple data sources, intelligently processing and analyzing them to provide a holistic view of reality from insights that were previously unattainable. Using an innovative, scalable, and cognitive approach, we have an unparalleled ability to interpret the complex layers of the digital world.

Our platforms are used by analysts, agents and other professionals worldwide to tackle challenges like fraud, crime, terror, insider threats, trafficking and other risks, helping to create a safer world for all.

Founded in 2012, Voyager Labs employs a multidisciplinary team of AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and intelligence experts. Our offices are located in Washington DC, New York City, Singapore and Israel.


The company’s proprietary core AI technology leverages deep learning, computer vision, natural language understanding and other capabilities to decipher and understand human behavior. This unique technology drives the company’s product portfolio.


A world-class team of AI researchers, data scientists and engineers, including top level scientists who are pioneers and innovators in the fields of machine and deep learning.


Multi-national customers from the private and public sectors, including large corporations, law enforcement agencies, intelligence bodies and other government agencies.


Voyager Labs has raised more than $100M from prominent investors including Oracle (OCAPAC Holding Company), Horizons Ventures and British Venture Capitalists.

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