About Us

Voyager Labs, a world leader in AI-based Investigation solutions, empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights, easily analyze massive amounts of complex, unstructured data, and understand content, human interactions, and connections.

Our award-winning, cutting-edge technology leverages open, deep, and dark web data, as well as the organization’s own data, enabling investigators and analysts to acquire actionable, previously unattainable insights in near real-time.

Breakthrough AI Technology

Investigators can utilize our AI technology to identify threats and leads from multiple data sources, turning billions of seemingly unrelated data points into a clear, easily visible network of behaviors and connections - all in a secured, anonymous way. Our solutions have a simple visual interface, easy and quick to deploy, and do not require additional professional services.

Team of Experts

Voyager Labs’ management consists of former top senior executives from the Intelligence community. Our unique AI technology is developed by leading PhD researchers working in the fields of Cognitive Computing, Behavioral Science, AI Research, Data and Mathematics, with focus on the most advanced AI innovation layers, including Natural Language Understanding, Deep Learning and Self Auto Machine Learning.

Who We Serve

Military and Intelligence, Homeland Security, Aerospace & Defense, Law Enforcement, Professional Services, Entertainment, Banks, Retail, and Mining.


Voyager Labs has raised $100M in funding from prominent investors, including Oracle, Horizons Ventures and other well-known British funds, to support its next-generation solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies, along with private sector corporate industries.

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