Unravel the Digital World to Reveal Deep, Actionable Insights.

Defend Communities, Save Lives.

What It Does
VoyagerAnalytics provides actionable insights that empower those responsible for making the world a safer place.
The Technology is unmatched in its ability to analyze vast amounts of unstructured data.  We drill down to the granular level and transform immense amounts of data into an understanding of content, connections and concepts – bringing a multitude of invaluable insights to our users.
The Platform puts core AI and deep learning to work for those who have the profound responsibility of investigation and other security-related activities. For them, we don’t just connect existing dots – we create new dots. What seems like random and inconsequential interactions, behaviors or interests, suddenly become actionable insights that were previously unattainable. These actionable insights are revealed in seconds.
Common Use Cases
The platform is used by our many clients to address various challenges:
  • Investigations
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Insider Threats
  • Anti-Bribery / Anti-Corruption
  • Organized Crime
  • Fraud
  • Crisis Management
Why VoyagerAnalytics?
The most cutting edge AI capabilities packaged in a user-friendly product:
  • A whole new level of insights
  • Unique deep-dive capabilities
  • Cutting edge data analysis
  • Simple to use, straightforward to deploy
Get Unprecedented Clarity with Artificial Intelligence


We deliver a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of any individual’s networks, behaviors and preferences, uncovering primary relationships including close advisors, relatives, friends, business partners, influencers, intermediaries and communication pathways.


The same investigatory engine can focus on group behavior and group dynamics – revealing key core members, additional members who are adjacent but significant, and patterns and interconnections that shine a light on subgroups. Improprieties, recent conversions, flips and conflicts of interests are instantly uncovered.


Our ability to understand voluminous sets of unstructured data turns up narratives built around topics of interest. Public events are quickly analyzed, yielding key figures, influencers, including powerful but non-obvious individuals. The synthesized result is a new and powerful behavioral and situation awareness.
VoyagerCheck - Automated Risk Assessment

Add on VoyagerCheck™ to facilitate accurate decision making at scale.

VoyagerCheck is an innovative rapid assessment solution that can scale checks in near real time.  The platform harnesses AI and cognitive computing to produce an automated response to a pre-determined question with remarkable accuracy by tapping into a wealth of unstructured data.


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