Power your Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

Know Every Customer as if they were your Best Friend

You know that friend that always gets you the perfect gift?  What if you could be that friend – to all your customers?

VoyagereCommerce complements your understanding of each customer based on their onsite behavior with a wealth of structured and unstructured data from each customer’s virtual world – including interests, inspirations, brand interactions, responses to trends and lifestyle –allowing you to know and respond to each customer as if they were your best friend.


Close your Recommendation Gap

It is well known that helping customers find exactly the right product with minimal effort will increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.  But many retailers are limited in their personalization efforts, relying on customer segmentation or the customers’ website interactions for recommendation generation.  If you’ve ever searched for a flight to Paris, then been bombarded with flight recommendations while sipping wine on the Champs-Élysées, you’ll know that in today’s world, that just isn’t good enough.

VoyagereCommerce complements information from your on-site events and customer interactions (CRM, loyalty programs etc) with timely, precise information from publicly available big data, then cross references it with your product catalogue to produce exactly the right recommendation at the right time from the first customer touchpoint. Be the first to know your customers’ needs at this point in time and target them with the right offer.


Match Exactly the Right Product to the Right Customer on the Right Platform

Customers today interact with your business in a variety of ways, whether it be your website, app, social media or your physical shop. Every person has their preference as to when and where they are most attentive to attractive offers. Approaching the individual at the right time and on the right platform is key for optimizing conversions.

VoyagereCommerce not only matches the right product to the right person in real time, it also provides a customized omni-channel shopping experience and allows you to trigger recommendations in real time across a wide range of platforms, including mobile notifications, emails, online ads and through a personalized website experience.


Increase Customer Satisfaction (and your Bottom Line)

In the end, it’s individuals, not segments, who shop.  If you are able to provide a truly personalized experience to each individual customer, you’ll win their hearts and wallets.


Use VoyagereCommerce to:

  • Convert New Users to Buyers
  • Reduce Churn
  • Reactivate Dormant Customers
  • Receive Higher Engagement & More Frequent Transactions
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Share of Wallet

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