Totally Automated. Remarkably Powerful

VoyagerCheck is an innovative rapid assessment solution that can scale checks in near real time.  The platform harnesses AI and cognitive computing to produce an automated response to a pre-determined question with remarkable accuracy by tapping into a wealth of unstructured data.


Empower your team to make crucial mass decisions with exact precision

Until now, there has been no tool that can scale pre-set criteria and derive critical insights in-the-moment. VoyagerCheck fills that essential gap because it has access to the same unstructured behavioral data that our VoyagerAnalytics platform uses – while delivering the automated responses required in near real-time, to pre-determined questions. In fact, to any pre-determined question your organization demands.


Scale millions of checks in near real time

On the most complex level, VoyagerAnalytics gives you a platform for expert-led deep assessments into individuals, groups and topics. But, when dealing with millions of people, organizations need a rapid and scalable assessment solution that can run independently of an analyst. VoyagerCheck provides the solution by scaling millions of checks in near real time and freeing your team members to focus on other core activities.


Innovatively and effectively solve bottle neck situations

Say goodbye to long queues at airports and other bottle neck situations.  VoyagerCheck is a pioneering solution to facilitate decision making at scale with remarkable accuracy.  The platform allows you to quickly asses each check and move onto the next, saving precious time and streamlining processes that involve large amounts of people.


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